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1. Product Design and Development

We will work closely with your product design and development engineering teams to ensure we have a complete understanding of your products application and specifications and leverage our knowledge of manufacturing methods and capabilities in Donrex to offer "design for manufacturability" ideas applicable to your products.

2. Manufacturing Engineering

Leveraging our Manufacturing Engineering expertise we will ensure that the manufacturing methods used for your products will consistently deliver the quality you expect at the lowest total cost.

3. Supply Chain Strategies

As a result of economic globalization and the integration of world economies, the need to think strategically about your supply chain has never been more important. We will work closely with your supply chain team to develop lean, reliable and sustainable strategies tailored to your specific business objectives.

4. Due Diligence

Our comprehensive pre-qualification supplier audits ensure that only manufacturers with world class operational, financial and ethical business practices produce your products.

5. IP Protection

We understand that your intellectual property is a very special, valuable and unique asset. Our approach is to be proactive in developing strategies to ensure your confidential information and intellectual property is protected.

6. Quality Planning

We draw upon an extensive array of quality planning tools to create product and process quality plans that will ensure reliable and repeatable product quality.

7. Production and Order Fulfillment

We will schedule production and delivery to meet your order requirements and will provide visibility to production status and shipment tracking.

8. Inspection testing and Certification

We will plan, specify and oversee the inspection, testing and certification of your products to ensure compliance with your specifications. Our expertise in metallurgy and knowledge of industry standard destructive and non-destructive material testing techniques enable us to effectively validate the quality of your products.

9. Logistics Management

We offer full service management of material flow to your door door; including international air and sea transportation, freight forwarding, customs clearance, local warehousing, kitting and lean supply strategies.